Judy is experienced in working with the media and writing press releases and nutrition articles.

She has appeared on national radio and TV. She is often approached for advice by journalists and media companies during their research for articles and TV and radio programmes looking at children’s nutrition.

Judy has advised journalists from all national dailies, Panorama, Ready Steady Cook, Women’s Hour, You and Yours, Channel 4, BBC3 and Parentchannel.tv.

Contact Judy for an intelligent and professional viewpoint on any programmes or news stories you may be planning.


Recent Media Appearances by Judy More:

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour -Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy – 24 April, 2012

SKY News –  Live interview on junk food diets lower the IQ of toddlers – 8th Feb 2011

BBC News – Live interview on Ideal age to begin weaning a baby onto solid food – 14th January 2011

BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour Live interview about the pros and cons of baby-led weaning – 28 April, 2009

ITV – London Tonight Recorded interview on whether schools should be allowed to police children’s lunchboxes – 16 March 2009

BBC News 24 Recorded interview on How Bad Are Children’s diets? – 16 January, 2008
BBC Breakfast News Recorded and Live Interview on Superfoods – 8th June 2007

BSkyB News Recorded Interview on Folic acid fortification and benefits to mothers and babies – 17th May 2007

BBC Breakfast News Recorded Interview on Superfoods 11th April 2007
BSkyB News Live Interview on Childhood Obesity – 26th February 2007

Look North Recorded Interview on the importance of iron content  in baby food – 8th June 2006

Channel 5 News Recorded Interview on child nutrition – 10th August 2005

Sky Breakfast News Live Interview on School Meals – 8th March 2005
ITN Lunchtime News Live Interview on School Meals – 8th March 2005

BBC Breakfast News Live Interview on Childhood Obesity – 16th February 2005

Scottish Radio Recorded Interview supporting Launch of Nutrition Game by British Medical Association – 27th September 2004

2000 – 2004 Several Live Interviews on TV News on all aspects of Child Nutrition